TheGreatPhotoGuy and the Amazing Instagram Account

 We all see the world through our own eyes. What is difficult sometimes is to get others to see the world from our perspective. It is a talent and an art to visually transact what you see with your own eyes and have others see it exactly the same way that you  are.

You can see my everyday and not so everyday visual perspectives by following me on instagram. Just search for TheGreatPhotoGuy.
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 If you like my style of photography. I published a book Shoot Me, Bitch! which shows people how to take pictures for social media. It teaches basic photographic skills. Then it shows how to use technology to FOCUS your picture on the story you are trying to tell. You can download it from Amazon. The link will take you to the website.

I know it sound cliche, but we have only one life. Make the best of it doing what you enjoy doing. Share your life with others and learn something new everyday. No matter how small, we should expand our knowledge every day.

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