start taking better pictures!

Do all your Instagram pictures look like they were taken in 1984?

When people see your pictures on Facebook, do they get sad and want to cry?

TheGreatPhotoGuy understands. That is why Shoot Me, Bitch! was written. Photography isn't complicated. Shoot Me, Bitch! can teach you simple photographic techniques to make awesome pictures with any camera.

Make the world a better place by posting better pictures of it. We can all contribute to making society visually better with posting beautiful, creative and fascinating photographs.

You don't need a huge expensive high resolution cameras to take an amazing photo.

We live in a digital age where photomanipulation IS part of photography. Once you understand that the picture is not complete until it has post processing, you will churn out one excellent picture after another!

Do you think that professional photographers just send you the pictures they take right from the camera? No way! There is cropping and color adjustments to make a work of art.

Shoot Me, Bitch! can teach you these same techniques. It is so simple. Photography is not difficult. Some people make it SEEM difficult so that they can charge you more for what you can do easily on any smartphone.

Shoot Me, Bitch! also gives you ideas on how to take and make a creative picture. It even teaches you how to take a boring picture and give it a life.....even if it looks like it should have been deleted in it's raw stage.

 You can download Shoot Me, Bitch! from or checkout the website for more details!

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