Warhol influenced by Rivers - rare artwork for sale

"Andy Warhol never made it a secret that he was influenced by Rivers art, but in perhaps a more revealing quote from the book “Popism” Warhol recognizes Rivers unique persona as an influential ingredient in the development of Pop Art. Warhol said, “Larry’s painting style was unique – it wasn’t Abstract Expressionism and it wasn’t Pop, it fell into the period in between. But his personality was very Pop.” quote from Larry Rivers foundation.

Larry's art form would become the basis for POPART as we know it today. Just like Warhol's soup can, this Queen of Clubs is even more impressive in it conceptionalism when viewing it in person. It has such a strong presence. It is mind boggling when you think about how Larry envisioned this amazing image and then transposed it into living art. It is a very complex and proactive work.

This rare lithograph is even more rare since it is paired with the Larry Rivers book also signed by the artist with the same numbering of 61 of 200. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own such an incredible piece by the man who created POPART.

Buy it now be for another collector whisks it away from public availability for their personal collection.

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