One of a Kind Edna Hibel Lithograph

When you talk about REAL art, no discussion is complete without discussing the passions of Edna Hibel. Not only does her portraits of mother and children strike an emotional chord with everyone, her meticulous process to bringing these creations to use is nothing short of amazing.

Available for sale now is an opportunity to own a single stone lithograph. These are so rare that they are considered a unique work of art. Only one of these stones would have been pressed to check here progress on the carving of her limestone.

Edna Hibel lithographs are created by carving enormous limestone. One for each color. Then inking them with a specific color. She would then press the paper to extract the ink then move to the next stone with a different color and engraving. 

If you want to own this exclusive work of art, be quick to place a bid!

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