My Feet in New York City and the Pokemon

I get bored sometimes and look for something to photograph.
Often times the only thing that would make a good subject would be my feet.
I think that I should just do a study of the various ways that I photograph my feet.
There are different ways to light or style my feet that probably runs second it my selfie category.

This is a great example of how lighting can have a dramatic effect. In bed in NYC, The morning light through the hotel sheers casts a soft white light on my legs. Dramatic shadow falls to the sides of my feet and surface of the comforter.

Here is another fun thing was to use the Pokemon GO game to put a Pokemon between my feet. The game is engineered so well that it puts shadows around the Pokemon to give the effect that it is actually on the bed.

Standing, it is great to get the cats and other pets into the scene. Here is Lucky giving me the "why are you bothering me" look.

Using a Selfie Stick you can get cool foot angles.

Have fun. Feet are people too....okay, part of people.

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