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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Orlando Pulse Shootings

The shooting rampage continues even after this massive shooting.
Minnesota, Louisiana and Dallas. When will this stop?
We need ACTION more than PRAYERS.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Indianapolis by

Indianapolis Chicago Photographer For Hire

Photojouralist, Portrait, Personal and Commercial Photography
Located in the great city of Chicago, Illinois

Call me.

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Horse Thief by Dave McGary

"Horse Thief" by Dave McGary

This is 11 of 15. One of these is in the White House executive offices.

One of the rare and beautiful McGary bronze pieces available now at

For the rare chance at owning a true piece of American art call 847-724-3059. Museum pieces like this are not available for long in the store. This is truly an investment piece.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Invisible Night by

Infrared photography has pushed me to the next level in photographic mediums.
I find the challenges associated with this type of photography very difficult at times.
It defies the logic of standard photography. It really tweaks my creative senses into an overload situation.
Often times I am frustrated with the quality of the shot until I process it when I return home.

The reward is when I get images like the one above. It is a stand alone that will inspire a story in the mind of the observer.

To learn more about photography or learn about infrared photography with me, contact me via email or call 847-353-1374.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.
#infrared photography #infrared #photography #chicago #thegreatphotoguy #America #USA Exclusive Antiques Store in Chicago's North Shore

As a photographer, I see everything as a potential image. A box of pencils, empty soda can on the side of the road or a cat on a bench. Random objects framed to make a story in my mind.

One great place to find random items of rarity and interest is in an antique store.

Chicago has it's fair share of antique malls and swap shops. However, nothing compares to the store in Glenview, just north of Chicago. The Austrian owners have been in this Glenview location for nearly 30 years.

They bring culture through porcelain, paintings and bronzes to the north shore region. I have never seen so much Meissen and Dresden of the highest quality in one location. 18th and 19th century paintings and antiquities for sale. Absolutely breathtaking.

If you are a photographer or antique collector, it is worth the trip. Located on the corner of Waukegan and Glenview Roads.

Visit their site or call them at 847-724-3059.
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Capitol Phenomenon by

Capitol Phenomenon