Make America EAT Again

More signs of stupidity....literally appear in the least expected places.
This picture was taken from the street outside the Northfield Republicans Campaign Office.
This really shows the mental capacity of the inner workings of the GOP in the North Shore region of Chicago.
Out of curiosity, I looked at their facebook page which lead me to their website.
It consists of a tipsy kitten falling over....and over....and over...
I truly feel sorry for people that are so stupid that they don't even know it. They are the butt of their own joke.
Honestly, you can't expect people to like or embrace you when your heart is filled with such immense anger and hatred. We can only hope that karma and the good lord with treat them with a health dose of treating them just like they treat others. (Bible reference)

I think the message is confusing though.

Are you encouraging people to eat? Is there a FREE LUNCH?
Are you implying an eating disorder of some type? Force feeding perhaps?

Either way, it just shows that the uneducated seem to be at the driver seat of this campaign. Maybe they think they can find enough dumb people to vote for Trump. Somehow, I doubt this was a sinister plan to use reverse psychology...

Good luck with your EAT campaign. You will probably be eating something that rhymes with NO! Soon.

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