Learning how to use a camera - TheGreatPhotoGuy.com

When I started out on the path to professional photography, I KNEW NOTHING.

Sure, I would putter around with a camera in AUTO like the rest of the world.
Then one day I went for an interview with a company that does photography for little league teams. The woman asked me the following question. "If it is a sunny day and the clouds roll in while you are photographing the team, how would you change the shutter speed?" DOH!

Well, I watched all the YouTube videos and read tons of blogs about ISO, aperture and blah blah blah. Kinda made sense and it didn't. I was probably more confused and frustrated than ever before.

I saw an ad for photographers to shoot marathons. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! How could I goof this up? Looks like they were just looking for bodies to hold cameras.

When I got there, there were about 20 photographers. You went to the table, you picked up one of their cameras and you were assigned to a team. The team lead was an experienced photographer who was going to make sure you had everything set for you to make them tons of money.

I got an education on how to operate the camera in manual mode. The more marathons I did, the better I got. Then I was asked by a graduation company to do the same thing. I learned more and more with varying shots.

Now I know that if I am indoors and my presets are over or under exposed, how to adjust the camera to get the sharpest picture.

I guess my recommendation would be look for a meetup group for photography or look for one of these marathon graduation companies to gain exposure to professional photographers.

You will learn a ton, hopefully have fun and earn some money!